Industrial Automation

Industrial automation integration has generated much discussion over the years. Even though plant managers know that control systems integration improves efficiency over time, they often have difficulty justifying the initial project cost. Cygnet Controls can help by developing a logical industrial automation integration solution for your plant that will deliver substantial ROI. Clients across all major industries have experienced greater profitability as a result of our systems integration services.

Cygnet begins by helping you select the right components and subsystems for industrial automation integrations. When your critical plant control systems, plant facilities systems, OEM skid controls and power monitoring systems work together to control your plant, monitoring and maintaining your operations becomes easier and more efficient. Sharing information through industrial automation integration enables:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced training needs
  • Improved quality control
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduced downtime
  • Programming & Configuration
  • I&E design and engineering
  • Data Integration
  • System Simulation and testing
  • Start-up & Commissioning
  • Training
  • Project management