Utilities & Construction

Whether you operate a central utility station or an industrial powerhouse, reliable control systems are vital to your success. Unfortunately, schedule and budget constraints often force plant engineers to make maintenance decisions that create more issues than they resolve. But progressive plants and utilities take different approach. They seek out solutions to enhance reliability, improve controllability and maximize production, augmenting their resources with the expertise and manpower needed to accomplish these goals.

Cygnet Controls can help to achieve your objectives and break away to safe, responsive and reliable power generation. We work with you to implement solutions that will help you maximize productivity while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance. With extensive experience, we are able to provide a complete business perspective – making improvements from the plant floor to the boardroom in order to optimize performance at every level.

Engineering & Integration:

  • Process Control Systems
  • Safety Shutdown Systems
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Fire & Gas Detection
  • Information Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • Lighting Controls
  • High Voltage Controls